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OPTIMUS Technological Solutions for Real-time Monitoring and Energy Management in Smart Cities

Making Smart Energy Cities a reality requires an intelligent and integrated assessment and consideration of various data sets, as well as relevant intelligent systems in a transparent and accessible manner. Monitoring and optimisation of available energy sources are expected to be the key factors contributing to market growth. Through the successful interconnection of advanced ICT tools, smart automation systems and smart technologies / equipment, integrated solutions for energy managers and energy consultancies can be provided, addressing the following questions:

  • How optimizing the energy performance of buildings can help to achieve a Smart Energy City?
  • How to plan in advance the behaviour of a building to suit future use scenarios?
  • How gathering data from multiple domains and sources can help to better understand the behaviour of a building and to improve its performance?

In this context, the OPTIMUS Final Conference “OPTIMUS Technological Solutions for Real-time Monitoring and Energy Management in Smart Cities” took place on the 21st of September 2016 in Athens, Greece, hosted by the Decision Support Systems Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. The scope of this Conference was to present new trends in Smart Energy Cities, giving particular emphasis on the innovative solutions of the OPTIMUS project.

The FP7 funded OPTIMUS project has developed a package of advanced ICT tools to assess smart energy cities and improve the energy performance of their buildings. OPTIMUS Decision Support System (DSS) sits on the top of existing energy management systems, integrating five data sources from various domains (weather, building monitoring, occupants’ feedback, energy prices and energy production) in order to propose short-term action plans for building energy managers to optimise energy use and thereby reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

21 September 2016 (9:15-16:30)

Multimedia Conference Room NTUA Central
Library Building
, Zografou NTUA Campus

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Ass. Prof. Haris Doukas (h_doukas@epu.ntua.gr
Dr. Vangelis Marinakis (vmarinakis@epu.ntua.gr)
Isabel Fernandez de la Fuente


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Confirmed speakers include:

  Peter Andersson (Partner in Smart City Lighthouse GrowSmarter, Veolia, Sweden)

  Egle Randyte (Head of Energy Efficiency, City of Vilnius, Lithuania) 

  Alexandros Flamos (Associate Professor, University of Piraeus, Greece)

  Catrin Maby (Senior Consultant, Rickaby Thompson Associates, UK)

 Nikos Chrysogelos (President of the Social Cooperative "Anemos Ananeosis")

  Irene Skoula (C40 City Adviser for Athens,  Greece)

  Kostas Georgiou (Resilience and Sustainability Project Manager, City of Athens, Greece)